Classical Ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dancing [RAD] providing strong technique, line and enjoyment of dance through Ballet, Character and Free movement work. The syllabus also encourages musicality and expression with Classical ballet being the foundation and most important part. Free movement incorporates Contemporary, Classical Greek dance and Natural movement. Character incorporates dances from Russia, Hungary and Poland, the three main styles used in Classical Ballets of the 19th century.

All classes aim to promote and encourage an enjoyment of dance, an awareness and understanding of working with others and the love of performance.

Pre Primary classes commence at age 5 and children may prepare for examinations as a class award. The syllabus then progress to Primary [age 6] then through a graded system Grades 1-8. Examinations are optional however preparing for examinations gives students a sense of achievement, develops self-esteem, confidence and precision. The Royal Academy of Dance is an awarding body accredited by the QCA.

Students showing exceptional potential in classical ballet are offered the chance to enjoy additional specialist classes at the studio at weekends and also audition for the Associate courses at the Royal Ballet School and British Ballet Organization [BBO].

Intermediate Foundation is suitable for students aged 10+. This class forms the link between the graded syllabus and the major syllabus work and is designed for those who wish to develop a career in dance or teaching. Students then progress to Intermediate, and Advanced. Pointe work, Pas de Deux and classical variations are studied. Students study the disciplines and syllabi of the RAD and the BBO. Many go on to professional engagements both in England and abroad.