Singing starts with our Little Stars classes from the age of 2 and a half.

It is available in groups as a fun introduction to harmony, poise and musicality. Children are encouraged to develop their rhythmical and rhyming skills. Areas focussed on are diaphragm control, breath control, sound control, posture, pronunciation/articulation, resonance, style, pitching, harmonies, vibrato, falsetto, chest and head registers, performance technique, creative positive visualisation, range development, expression, microphone technique and recording studio technique.

As students develop their skills and confidence they progress to private tuition extending their knowledge base. Classes range from Pop/Musical Theatre to Classical/Opera where students can work towards examinations and audition pieces.

Our Musical Theatre classes cover the skills needed for theatre and festival performance pieces

We have our own Vocal group which takes part in Operas with Ellen Kent Productions, festivals and shows.